Dec 31, 2009 · We can grow some of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-3) and more easily adopt the better attitudes (‘beattitudes’ of Matt 5:3-12), thus becoming more like Jesus. In prayer we invite God to do deep transforming and igniting work in our life.
Sep 21, 2017 · If one reads a little bit further in Matthew’s gospel, we see that we are given the Lord’s Prayer and told, “Pray, then, in this way”. We are given the Lord’s Prayer to pray repeatedly! Now, I can pray the Our Father in as little as 7.84 seconds, but it’s hard to imagine that I would have prayed it with any sort of depth whatsoever.
Matthew 2:7-8: 2014-12-24 NAVIGATING THE BUMPS: Matthew 2:9-12: 2014-12-23 THE SACRIFICE OF WORSHIP: Matthew 2:7-12: 2014-12-22 SEEKING JESUS: Matthew 2:1-11: 2014-12-21 SIMPLY TRUSTING: Matthew 1:24-25 Love and pray for them. Get revenge. Hate them back. 6. Blessed are the peacemakers for..... they will see God. they will inherit the kingdom of God. they will be called children of God. 7.
Matthew 7:12. Therefore all things whatsoever These words are the epilogue, or conclusion of our Lord's discourse; the sum of what he had delivered in the two preceding chapters, and in this hitherto, is contained in these words; for they not only respect the exhortation about judging and reproving; but every duty respecting our neighbour; it is a summary of the whole.
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